Shed Summer Residencies

We are delighted to announce the artists participating in the Shed Summer Residencies at the Studio Pavilion at House for an Art Lover. Throughout June - September a number of artists will be utilising the shed spaces here to experiment and create new work.

For the month of September we will have Jack Brindley exploring the use of stained glass in contemporary art; James Jimbo will be inviting various artists to make collaborative drawings, as well as inviting visitors to make drawings; Martha Orbach will be working in a mixture of drawing, animation and printmaking; Nathan John Cook will be exploring his performance practice; and Lana Hughes & Ruby Pluhar will be working on their joint project, Sirens, where they will explore the space between imagined realms and reality. We will be hosting two public events in July and October when the artists will have the opportunity to present to the public what they’ve been working on.

If you're in the area and fancy a chat, you can find our residents in the following locations within the park:

Jack Brindley                                                              Project Space 1

James Jimbo                                                              Studio 2

Lana Hughes & Ruby Pluhar & Nathan Cook            Workshop 3

James Winnett                                                           Shed 4

Martha Orbach                                                           Pod Room