If It’s True, Tell It To Me

ART PARK Glasgow at House for an Art Lover

Glasgow based artists Niamh Forbes, Katherine Ka Yi Liu, Katy Hundertmark, and Clarinda Tse will present a day of participatory events for all ages in ART PARK Glasgow at House for an Art Lover which will investigate and experiment with modes and formats of storytelling. This one-day event will be a presentation of visual art, readings, and workshops. The participating artists will each present different aspects of the tradition of oral, visual and literary narration, in order to together question and discover the many techniques we can use to pass on stories and experiences to one another.

Clarinda Tse will facilitate an object stamping workshop titled Baby Finger Movement Interjunctions, which is open to all ages. Participants will explore visual and abstract ways of telling a story and are encouraged to expand their experiences by touch, recognition, and intuitive associations.

Niamh Forbes and Katherine Ka Yi Liu will present readings of newly written texts. Forbes will read Rule of Thumb, and 214.6 Miles Via The M6, poems exploring how language and words interact with the physical world. Liu will perform Why, Mama? But why?, and Sometimes, I..., poems which question the traditional values of womanhood in Chinese Culture, and how the artist relates to her own self-image. Forbes and Liu will also perform a collaborative work written from the point of view of a house plant.

Katy Hundertmark will present a multi-media installation, inspired by the words of her great great-grandfather William Jeffrey, a Scottish poet and writer who was based in Glasgow throughout his career. The viewer is invited to experience a conversation with the figure of Jeffrey, exploring Hundertmark’s family history through her creative collaboration with a relative she has never met.

//The Weekend Page
Exhibition by Katy Hundertmark 1pm-6pm, The Bothy

//Baby Finger Movement Interjunctions
Drop-in Workshop by Clarinda Tse 2pm - 5pm, Shed 3

//Poetry Readings
by Niamh Forbes and Katherine Ka Yi Liu 1pm - 1.45 pm, Heritage Centre

Baby Finger Movement Interjunctions

Telling a story with a sensory language. Through a non verbal approach to objects, a physical state of distance, positioning, joining is felt through the series of intuitive gestures. The visual record of stamping is a journey of connection and listening to the little human in your mind. A half an hour meditative experience accompanied by the fun of shapes and textures, suitable for all ages.

The workshop responds to the site of House for An Art Lover, unveils untold stories through objects and activities that stimulate the unusual sensory rather than conventional story telling. Participants are encouraged to expand their experiences by touch, recognition of visual assembles, and intuitive associations. A story is unveiled through positioning objects on paper, and recording the result via stamping the shapes of objects. Language based thoughts are simplified to various shapes and gestures with anonymity whilst intensifying the sensory attachment.
This workshop is suitable for all ages.

This project is supported by ART PARK Glasgow at House for an Art Lover and Creative Scotland.