Making Abstract Artwork

4 February 2019 6:00 pm - 25 March 2019 9:00 pm

Take the plunge into the world of shape and form by exploring the language of abstract painting through a range of techniques and approaches while learning how to 'read' abstraction and make sense of it within the context of art history. Drawing upon iconic artists' works as well as your own source material, you'll pare things back to their visual essences through the process of abstraction, with an emphasis upon shape, colour and texture. This class will give you the tools to create your own abstract works, learning how to make visually balanced and striking pieces while understanding how they can function within the complex language of painting. No prior painting experience is necessary!

Dates: Monday 4th Feb – 25th March (8 weeks)

Price: £140

Location: Studio Pavilion

Artist: Douglas Morland

Time: 6-9pm

Class Details

Age Group: Adults (16+)
Term Length: 8 weeks
Price: £140.00
Included: All materials & equipment

Additional Needs